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Meta-Critical Extraction Equipment

Carbon dioxide transforms itself into a high-density fluid called Supercritical Fluid over 7.4Mpa and 31 degrees Celsius. After which it can be used as a solvent since this enormously increases its solvency power. This equipment enables manufacturers to produce sophisticated materials and/or sustained-release products by adding functional components into each raw material because it can extract selective components of natural products in low temperatures and in a short period of time, compared to other existing flux extraction methods.

    We set a goal of "human & eco-friendly" "high performance" and "multi-functions" and successfully accomplished the following:
  • Flux separation process is no longer necessary unlike other flux extraction methods. This saves a lot of energy in the extraction separation process.
  • Due to the low temperature selective extraction method, the quality of the extract is superior to the one produced by existing flux extraction methods. Also, the quality of raw materials does not change.
  • Carbon dioxide is collectable and recyclable and therefore is friendly to the environment.
  • The lid of the high-pressure-tank can be opened/closed easily and quickly by using our unique original method (utility model).
  • The extraction and pouring process can be made more efficient by circulating the fluid with a circulation pump.
  • The operation is simple and easy as the entire process is mostly automated.
  • High-pressure tanks and fusion tanks have passed the High Pressure Gas Special Equipment Inspection.
  1. (By using scCO2) Extraction of useful components from natural products (plants and animals)
    - provide raw materials for health food, drugs and medicines, and cosmetics
  2. Putting functional components into raw materials
    Adding functionality by infusing fragrance and/or medicinal properties into lumber, fabrics, leathers, and so on.
    (insect repellant, fungicide, antibacterial effect, flavoring, etc.)


High-pressure tank:
50L (250~1000L)
Designed pressure: Max 30Mpa
Temperature: Max 100 degree C
CO2 discharge amount: Max 400cc/min
Entrainer Max 300cc/min
Utilities: three-phase-200v, Air, coolant water