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Since Rigid Urethane Foam and Phenol Foam have a high insulating ability, they are often used as an insulation material cast on a board. Our insulation manufacturing system provides everything from Batch Manufacturing systems to Fully Automated Serial Production systems depending on our client's needs.
Multi-Plates Hot Press Production System
This production system is the combination of High Pressure Foaming Machine and Multi-Plates Hot Press. Various types of colored steel plate can be used as the surface of the board.

Sample Application:
10-plate Hot Press Type for Insulation Panels
Product Size: Max 2600mm x 1350mm
Distance between hot plates: 120mm
Discharge amount: 30kg/min
Serial Production System
This system is a fully automated production system based on the combination of High Pressure Foaming Machine and Double Slat Conveyor, Cutter, and/or loading equipment. Many different combinations of materials such as colored steel panels and craft papers can be applied to the surface of the board.

Sample Application:
Building Insulation Panel Serial Casting System
Equipment combined: High Pressure Foaming Machine, Double Slat Conveyor, Surface Material Supply Unit, Oven, Cutter, Loading machine
Product width: 910mm
Product thickness: 20mm - 50mm
Conveyor speed: 15m/min