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Since Urethane Elastomer has superior elasticity, abrasion resistance, chemical reaction resistance, etc., it has been used for timing belts and office automation machine parts such as rollers and cleaning blades. Because of its high performance and production capacity, many of our clients have chosen to use our manufacturing system made from the combination of our Elastomer Casting Machine, Centrifugal Casting Machine and related equipment.
Industrial Sheet Production Equipment
photoCentrifugal Pouring Units
P.U. sheet products can be manufactured by the TOHO EA-204 casting machine and either the ES-600 (one drum) or ED-450 (twin drums) centrifugal pouring units.

Sheet size

Length: 1000 - 4000mm
Width: 500 - 1000mm
Thickness: 1-10mm

Casting Machines for Large Size Rollers
photoUrethane Elastomer Casting Machines can be used for a large amount of discharge such as lining of paper manufacturing rollers, molding of large caster, etc.


Discharge Amount: 60kg/min x 2 heads
Raw Material Tanks: 4
Setting Space: 6.8m x 2.7m