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Full Automatic Dialyzer & Membranous Separator
The hollow fiber dialyzers (made by PS or Cellulosic fiber) and the ends of various membranous separations are sealed and attached to modules perfectly. This sort of dialyzer of hollow fibers can be produced by the combination of TOHOfs high precision EA series automatic casting and centrifugal molding equipment.

Sample Application -
    Full Automatic Dialyzer & Membranous Separator
    1. Hollow fiber production plant
    2. Automatic tying and cutting equipment
    3. Auto loading and unloading (robotic) before and after potting system

    Infusion Machine: EA-201 model Elastomer Casting Machine
    Turn Table: 36-station Centrifugal Casting Machine
    Manufacturing capacity: 16,000/day (24-hour-run, approximately 5-secomd-tact)
    Setting space: 20m x 25m (65.6ft x 83ft)

The above example is only one of many possible applications. We design and customize our systems depending on our client's needs. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives for more details.